New 'Ultra Plush' Beds Arrive

Sealy Dynasty Monarch Euro Pillowtop with Black Base Hi-Res.jpg


We know a quality sleep experience is important - so we have welcomed a new installment of Monarch-Ultra Plush beds from Sealy New Zealand's Posturepedic Dynasty Series, to provide unparalleled comfort and support in all our Harbour Category Rooms. 

Sealy New Zealand beds are orthopedically designed to provide a superior sleep experience and still hand craft their beds to provide a level of quality that sets the standard in the bedding industry.  

To ensure achieve a great night sleep, each bed features SRx Titanium Support that senses your body's weight and responds with initial conforming support and then provides the extra correct support your body needs.

We apologise in advance to all guests for making ‘getting out of bed’ that much harder!